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This is an amazing piece of equipment, I would say this is the most fun I have working out for a long time,  very effective for training, in 2 weeks my accuracy and hand-eye coordination have improved tremendously, I would say over 100% easily.

Tyler A

I’m a boxer for 6 years now, at first I was skeptical about the Vo Ball because I have literally used all the equipment out there.  I kept seeing their videos on Facebook and after around 7 months I finally reached out to them and wanted to know what their return policy was–they told me 30 days money back guaranteed no question ask. I had nothing to lose and decided to buy one for 30 dollars on sale. It’s now been 8 months since I have had it, I can tell you that it is a must have if you are a boxer. It really focuses on all the skills that are needed and you can’t get that with the double-end bag, speed bag or other equipment. You are literally working offense and defense at the same time in a realistic manner, working angles, slip, bob, weave, precision and timing. You also have nothing in the middle attached to the ground that prevents you working your footwork freely. I highly recommend this equipment for home use, I wish I can bring this to the gym but our ceiling is 30 foot high, that is the only issue is that it won’t work for gyms that have high ceilings.

Mike G.

I bought 2 sets combo for a friend and I. No complaints here. It is very addicting, I can’t go past it without hitting it, it is a lot of fun and it makes you want to improve. I play baseball and I thought my hand-eye coordination was really good but this equipment proves me wrong, I went from able to hitting the ball barely 3 times straight having it  bouncing off the ceiling, within 1 week i’m able to hit the ball now 15 times straight and continuing to get better. This helps me tremendously with baseball. I love the product.

Bo T.

My son uses it for his coordination and eye exercises . He really likes it,

Muang L

I love the Vo Ball, it is very interactive and fun.  My kids and I love it. I like the fact that you can adjust the height for everyone and it comes with different sizes of balls. I use it for my fitness and just work on my hand-eye coordination, I’m a beginner but I love the yellow advanced ball because it makes me focus more. Great product!

Hang N.

Amazing product for boxers! work angles, timing , slip, head movement, parry, offense , defense. You can’t predict the Vo Ball and the timing has to be right, especially the yellow advanced ball. What I love about this product is that  it makes you move and change your angles and positions, without a doubt it is the closest to a sparring partner.

Ray V.

I”m a MMA fighter and been training for 3 years now,  this is a must have. You can have all the power, but what good of it you can’t hit your target. Vo Ball will make you realize how inaccurate you are really fast. I was taken back how bad my timing was. Seeing their videos on Facebook, it looks easy but it is not especially when you start doing hooks and changing angles. I hate to admit it but in 2 weeks with a lot of training, my accuracy and timing before and now is  day and night. Get the Vo Ball if you are a fighter, you’ll thank me later.

Kenny M.

I bought  a  Vo Ball for my daughter and son, they are both in Taekwondo. They literally cannot stop using it, they love it so much and have gained major improvements on the timing on their kicks. We now have 3 Vo Balls one in each of their room and 1 in living room. I really enjoy the product myself as well for staying active and maintaining my reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Rachel S

“I’m a MMA fighter, I saw their video on Facebook and their demonstrations and I saw the benefits right away.   I’m not going to lie, I made a comment on their video that  they were ripping people off with a tennis ball on the string. I went to buy a tennis ball and a string tried to make one to have it in my living room and soon realized that it is more technical than just a “ball on string.” I had a problem getting the ball attached to the string permanently with out it coming off easily, then I duct taped the heck out of it which it stay put in place but then now I have a shitty look thing in my living room (girlfriend was not happy)  that doesn’t really bounce, but it worked somewhat. For attachment to the ceiling I put an eye hook and tied the rope the length from my shoulder height to the ceiling so the ball would be my should height. I then realized that  I can’t adjust the height of the ball for lower kicks and knees; so I changed out the cord and have it longer and taped the excess cord to the ceiling and retied it to the eye hook every time I adjust the ball. So now I have all the excess cord taped to the ceiling and shitty duct taped ball hanging in my living and have to use a chair to go up to the ceiling and retie the cord whenever I adjust the height. I started to see why my girlfriend was upset on the appearance especially when guests come over. I started watching their Setup video again to see how the heck they do all that and even changing out to different sizes of balls. After couple weeks of trying I finally gave in and bought a Vo Ball set. I’m so impressed by the design considering how simple it is. Easy setup , easy store away, no excess cord, height adjustment, ceiling safety, 2 different size  balls that you can change out. I can easily adjust the height from the bottom and my girlfriend who is shorter than me really enjoys it too. Overall, very nice and clean in design with all the necessary features and it is worth it! I recommend the Vo Ball any fighter out there, and it is not worth it trying to make your own because you can’t get all the features right that the Vo Ball provides”

Eric B.