Name: Ethan

Age: 3-enjoys sports and martial arts

Exercise: Hit the Vo Ball 30 times consecutively using different techniques while moving around. (switch to advanced ball and increase hitting power as skills improve to increase level difficulty)

Benefits: Coordinations, reflexes, focus, attention span, cardio, range, position, timing, accuracy and agility–fundamentals of every sport and martial arts

using beginner’s ball

Name: Nico

Age: 4- enjoys Taekwondo

Exercise: Stand in 1 position and try to hit the Vo Ball 30 times consecutively without a miss while keeping the ball straight. (use advanced ball, increase reps and hitting power to increase level of difficulty as skills improve)

Benefits: hand-eye coordination, reflexes, focus, timing–help with sports and Taekwondo

using beginner’s ball

Vo Ball: Fitness, boxing and martial arts for kids

We all want our kids to be healthy and fit, however due to the lack of time we don’t manage to monitor their behavior and what they do which can lead to problem. This is why encouraging your child to focus on sports can be a very good idea and using the Vo Ball to do that is definitely worth it. But why should you choose the Vo Ball? There are many reasons why this is a great option for any child!

It helps kids stay active

With so many things like the internet and video gaming, kids are prone to stay indoors and not go outside which is a huge problem. That is unfortunate because playing outside allows kids to stay healthy and burn the extra calories naturally. Thankfully, the Vo Ball is a great system that helps your child stay active without even requiring him to go outdoors. It’s a very refined and professional system designed to offer great results very fast.

Kids can work on the fundamental basics of life and sports

From reflexes to focus and hand to eye coordination, all of these are great fundamental basics that can be trained via the Vo Ball. This is a very simple product but it does manage to provide the results and value you want in a natural manner.

It encourages kids to work out and perform sports

As we mentioned earlier, there are many things that might keep your child indoors and away from a healthy lifestyle. The Vo Ball encourages your child to pursue the idea of performing a sport. It also helps your child burn calories naturally.

It’s really fun, kids love it!

Kids can get bored very fast about everything, but the Vo Ball is a great tool to eliminate this type of problem. Since the Vo Ball is unpredictable and a lot of fun to use, your child will definitely enjoy it not to mention this is a very good tool for staying focused. It encourages them to acquire more confidence in their moves, it boosts their reflexes and in the end it will allow the child to have a better focus at all times.

It helps kids with ADHD and lack of focus

Kids that have a lack of focus or ADHD will be able to find great relief and a boost in focus with help from the Vo Ball. When training with the Vo Ball, your kids will be required to stay focused on the ball just to hit it because it’s always in motion.  As your child skills improve they will automatically want to hit the ball longer; this will automatically improves their focus and attention span. The best part is your child will have fun while improving their focus tremendously! The product comes with 2 ball sizes so it can easily be adjusted for any child if needed!

Weight loss

Aside from being able to improve focus, reflexes, agility  and the eye to hand coordination, the Vo Ball is a great tool to help your child lose weight naturally. It’s a very efficient product and one that will indeed allow your child to burn calories and energy! As a whole, the Vo Ball is a great tool for any child! It is fun and interactive that your child will enjoy playing with it while benefiting all the fundamental basic skills that can be carried to any sports and in daily activities. Vo Ball is truly is an ultimate home fitness and martial arts system designed for all ages!

The Ultimate Home Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts System For All Ages

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