Comparing the Vo Ball vs. other equipment with boxer/coach Manny “the Ak 47.” Ranked #6 in the nation by USA Boxing Association. (showing advanced ball)

Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts For All Ages and Skill Levels


Why Vo Ball?

There is nothing like it on the market! Vo Ball is a very well thought out patented system designed to be the ultimate home fitness, boxing and martial arts system to improve cardio, eye-hand coordination, focus, reflexes, timing, accuracy, range, angles positions, agility and speed with no limit movement. Unlike everything you have on the market today- not only all the equipment are expensive, but they are all heavy and stationary which limits a trainer’s movements. Vo Ball allows user to move every direction realistically  working punches, kicks, knees, elbows, head movements, footwork and so on. Because of its interaction, it makes training sessions fun for everyone in the convenience of any home.

Vo Ball Features

Vo Ball is a very well thought out training system  to be effective  with many features that are designed for the convenience of home use by any age and all fitness levels. User will appreciate the Vo Ball for its simplicity, but many well thought out features such  as easy installation, the ability to attach the system in seconds, the ability to  store away in seconds, the ability to be able to adjust to any height for anyone,  2 fully adjustable pre-set settings to transition from upper body to lower body work quickly, the housing attachment designed to move the ball in accordance to a hit, the ceiling safety measures to protect the ceiling from damage , 2 sizes of balls for any skill levels from beginning to advanced. Even the ball colors are thought out for a purpose, the bigger red ball is for beginners where it’s also easier to see and hit. The advanced ball being yellow and its size are to ensure to challenge any advanced athletes aiming to improve results quickly. The yellow color advanced ball  is very hard to see, especially when its in motion combined with its small size–this aims to require focus, concentration, reflexes , hand-eye coordination, timing, accuracy, range and to challenge any high level athletes.

Kids, Adults, Athletes

Vo Ball is not only for martial artists.  What’s great about the Vo Ball is that not only it’s  a great exercise training equipment  in the convenience of any home, but it focuses on the fundamentals of hand-eye coordination, focus, and reflexes simultaneously. These are the fundamental skills that  are very important and necessary for kids; your kids will not only enjoy the Vo Ball but it helps improve their focus, attention span and many other health benefits. Adults and athletes will enjoy the Vo Ball for its interactive , fun and engaging  workout, but as well as improving and maintaining the important  skills in daily activities  and in sports. Another great thing about the Vo Ball is that it is fully adjustable and it comes with 2 sizes of balls that  can be used by anyone of any age at any  fitness levels. Vo Ball is made for the whole family in one system with far greater health benefits at a fraction of the cost compared to other equipment on the market today.

“Great product to improve focus, eye-hand coordination and speed. I think all athletes are going to love this. The cool thing about this is that I can use it in my living room”

“wow, I’m very impressed with the design, you can see that it’s well thought out from top to bottom and it’s a lot of fun”

“I’ve been doing Taekwondo for a long time now, as a martial artist, this is a must have. You can do so much with this Vo Ball, I love that you can adjust to any height to train all the way down to your knees, and I can put this in my room”

“I’m not in martial arts, but I play a lot of sports and I can see the benefits of training with this ball. This thing is freaking fun.”

“I live in an apartment and this is a perfect little fitness equipment for me to stay in shape, I love the fact that I can use it in my living room and take it off once I’m done”

“’this really works and it’s a lot of fun, I can see myself using this daily to stay in shape”

“I love that this has 2 different balls for a beginner like me and can be changed out so easily, I love this product! My whole family can use this”

“I’ve been training boxing for a long time, this Vo Ball speaks for itself. If you’re a boxer, you definitely need one”

“I have to admit, I was skeptical about this Vo Ball. It looked like just a ball on the cord that can damage my ceiling, but I’m very impressed with the whole thing. The safety features of the ceiling to I can adjust to any height and be able to take off my ceiling so easily for store away. Very well thought out, I want one!”

The Ultimate Home Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts System For All Ages

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