Manny “the AK  47”: Boxer, boxing and fitness coach in Seattle, WA, ranked #6 in nation by USA Boxing Association-  demonstrating advanced technique using advanced ball (yellow)

Technique: 1-1-2-turn over-3 (jab, jab, cross, turn over, hook)

Skills training: Accuracy, timing, angles, position, range, footwork and speed simultaneously  (increase or decrease hitting power to adjust level of difficulty)


Vo Ball for advanced athletes, boxers and martial artists


Vo Ball is the ultimate home fitness and martial arts system for all ages and skill levels.

High level athletes and martial artists will enjoy the Vo Ball and its many well thought out features. If you are a high level athlete or a martial artist, Vo Ball will really test all the important skills such as hand-eye coordination, reflexes, accuracy, timing, focus and agility. Furthermore, martial artists will benefit from training with the Vo Ball for crucial skill sets such as angles, positions, range, and bobbing/weaving with no limit movement—meaning the Vo Ball allows you to move realistically in every direction unlike any equipment on the market today.


High level athletes, to pro boxers and MMA fighters are saying “Vo Ball is hands down the most realistic training equipment, it is the closest thing to a sparring partner.”

Vo Ball is without a doubt the closest thing to a sparring partner! Because the Vo Ball is unpredictable, constantly in motion and it moves in different angles and directions—it replicates a sparring partner! Vo Ball forces you to improve your positions, your angles, your range, your accuracy and timing–skills that are very important and are required of every high level boxer or martial artist. Vo Ball is the only product that allows you to work all these skill sets in the most realistic way and all together at once.


Vo Ball adjusts, adapts and is designed for athletes at the highest level.

What is great about the Vo Ball is that the speed of the ball moves in accordance to how hard you hit it. Unlike other equipment, when training with the Vo Ball you have to train multiple skills simultaneously which makes it more interesting, interactive and challenging. It is very well thought out from the size of the advanced ball to its color to ensure that it is the most challenging equipment for any high level athletes.  The size of the advanced ball (yellow) is intentionally made very small to challenge any boxers or martial artist on their accuracy and timing. Boxers and martial artists will be put to the test, but will quickly see results! The color of the advanced ball being yellow is also for a purpose; the yellow color of the ball makes it harder to see, especially when it moves. The combination of its size and color is to challenge any athlete at the highest level and to improve their eye-body coordination, accuracy, timing, reflexes, agility, range, angles and positions.  The best part is that the Vo Ball can never be out grown—it moves as fast as you do.

It is fully a complete system that is well thought out to train the upper body to lower body in a split second, designed for athletes, boxers and MMA.

Vo Ball is not only for boxers or athletes to train their upper body; it is very well thought out for advanced athletes to train their lower body as well. The ball not only can easily adjust to any height, but it has 2 preset settings for advanced athletes to go from working on their punches or high kicks and move down to working their knees or lower kicks in a split second without pausing their training! Simply set the 2 positions at the desired heights and by pulling the ball out of the adjusting sleeve; ball will drop to the lower setting to transition to lower body workout quickly. Vo Ball is really is a well thought out system from top to bottom with many features that are designed for high level athletes, boxers and martial artists to  be tested, challenged and improve all the necessary skills.

The Ultimate Home Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts System For All Ages

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