(1) Vo Ball System-Reflex ball , Boxing ball, Martial Arts ball (2 balls included-beginner and advanced)

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The Vo Ball is the ultimate fitness, boxing and martial arts system for all ages. Made for every home- condo, apartment, college dorm, even in your own room! Comes  with 2 balls for different levels of skill, an easy housing kit that allows you to attach to drywall ceiling or stud and easily detach for store away; and an easy adjustable cord kit that allows you  to fully adjust the height for anyone or  train your punches all the way down to your knees. Vo Ball also has ceiling safety measures built in.

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13 reviews for (1) Vo Ball System-Reflex ball , Boxing ball, Martial Arts ball (2 balls included-beginner and advanced)

  1. Rick

    Great product!

  2. Tyler Carr

    I love the versatility of the product, kids and I really enjoy it. Great tool for kids to train their concentration and focus. Love it!

  3. Jack Sokolov

    Very good product and well built, been boxing for over 9 years and this becoming my favorite product to train with. It encompasses all important skill sets such as angles, timing, precision, controlling range and training offense and defense at the same time and it’s very challenging. I recommend this to any boxers, it’s a must have. Thank you, this is a great tool.

  4. Maeve Walsh

    I love the product, very nice and easy to use that trains the mind, eye and the body. We are a martial artist family and this is great for everyone. Giving this a 4 because i created an account and there is nothing else to it besides writing a review, was expecting more..

  5. Frank Williams

    Great customer service! I misplaced one of the parts and got it shipped out for free. Delivery was 2 days and the product is everything it says. It’s a great thing it has the ceiling safety pop out on the ball for my little son who hangs on the ball at times and he loves it! I’ve trained martial arts for a very long time and I like the challenge on the advanced ball, it really tests your skills. It’s simply an awesome product all around. Thank you.

  6. Angie Khab

    Love your product! I highly recommend this product. Shipping was 2 days to my house. Customer service is amazing, thank you for helping me setting it up over the phone as i’m not very good with instructions=)

  7. Jason Hong

    Love your product! Great for training! Fast Free delivery in 2 days. Had it for 2 weeks and I love this thing!

  8. Alexis

    I”m addicted to this product ! Very fun and effective way to train for fitness boxing. Love the fact that it makes your really concentrate and stay focused–great for the brain!

  9. Jay B.

    Great MMA training tool ! I have used many products for training , I would say this is probably the most effective tool out there right now because you are training a lot of different skill sets

  10. Jerry S.

    Love this product ! Simple but so effective. Great job on the design! I use it for fitness and stay active and this is working me more than I thought , especially when you move around and try to hit the ball. Very good for your eyes and hand!

  11. Susan N

    The kids love it and plays for hours and i’m a happy parent!

  12. Jose Lopez

    I”ve been doing boxing now for 5 years, I like that it allows you to work angles and foot placement in the right position to counter. You have to be alert , it’s like fighting a person

  13. Victor Aboderin

    Excellent training tool and fun

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