Why the Vo Ball is the most realistic and the best training equipment VS. other equipment

Video timeline: Vo Ball intro, 7:29 vs. double end bag, 16:33 vs. ball on hat, 20:56 vs. speed bag, 27:17 summary and closing statement

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Vo Ball Installation–how to set up the Vo Ball system

The Ultimate Home Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts System For All Ages

What is the Vo Ball?

The Vo Ball® is the Ultimate home fitness and martial arts system for all ages. Whether you are just looking for an equipment to stay in shape or an athlete looking to get to the next level. The Vo Ball can help you get there. With its well thought out proprietary design that enables users to pretty much put it anywhere- apartments, offices, college dorms, condos, even in your own room! It works on drywall ceiling or stud! Not only you can put it anywhere but you have the capability to detach it from ceiling in seconds for store away! But it gets better… did we say it’s made for everyone? Yes! What is truly amazing about the Vo Ball is that at first glance it looks like just a simple cord on a ball, but the Vo Ball is designed to be able to adjust to any height up to 6 ft. from ceiling and still keeping its nice simple clean look “just the ball on cord.” So anyone at any age of any height can enjoy the Vo Ball. The Vo Ball system also comes with 2 different sizes of balls for different levels of experience, and the balls can be easily changed out in seconds as well.

But what about having something hanging from my drywall ceiling, isn’t that dangerous? I don’t want my ceiling to fall down.

Great concern! But the Vo Ball got that covered as well, the Vo Ball is designed with safety measures built in with extensive testings. The cord and the housing system from ceiling can hold up to 50 lbs. of weight when pulling on to it, but the ball is designed to pop out with around 8 lbs. of force when only pushing down onto the ball. So with normal training of the Vo Ball, the ball will not come off but for whatever reason if you decide to grab on the ball and act if it’s a swing, you will fall on your butt and the ceiling won’t be affected.

How does the whole system look? I don’t really want anything that looks awful in my home.

We agree and were very mindful of it. There were a few crucial key goals that we set out to accomplish and one of them is simplicity. We wanted to accomplish all other key points- its ability to detach and attach, it can be used on drywall ceiling or stud, it is light weight yet feels right when hit, for different levels of experience and ease of adjusting the height; but biggest goal for the Vo Ball was to make it look like “just the ball on the cord.” We understood that to bring this to every home and be accepted by wives, girlfriends, parents; it has to be very simple and clean. We set out to accomplish its simplicity “just the ball on the cord” concept and we have accomplished that! When you look at the Vo Ball system, all you pretty much see is the ball on the cord. No excess of cord sticking out or any other things at any time on the system. At a glance you will notice that it’s very simple, yet when you dig deeper into it, you will notice the sophistication side and the versatility of the design to make everything look nice, clean and easy to use.

What differentiates the Vo Ball from what’s on the market?

The Vo Ball stands alone in its own space, there isn’t anything out there like it when we talk about its capabilities and versatility. The Vo Ball system’s complex, yet simple, design is made literally for everyone and for every home. It is designed to work every part of the body, you can work your punches all the way down to your knees and lower kicks in the matter of seconds by adjusting the height. It is designed for the whole family to use, it doesn’t matter of your height or age. There is just nothing like it! Unlike what you have right now in the market, some of the products have a few benefits as the Vo Ball, but all of them you can only find it at a professional gym because they are so heavy and expensive. Please google-Slip bag, Maize ball, Reaction ball, Speed bag and Heavy bag to see why the Vo Ball is truly a unique product that stands in its own space. The best part of the Vo Ball is the price! The Vo Ball is truly designed for everyone and every home, even in its price. Other exercise and boxing equipment that can only be found in a “gym” cost average around $100 vs. the Vo Ball for only $29.95 and it’s made for the whole family in one system!

The Ultimate Home Fitness, Boxing and Martial Arts System For All Ages

for the whole family..


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